Adding key words? and select group of photos help??

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Adding key words? and select group of photos help??

Post by photogsassisant »

I have been using Afterhot pro3 for a few month now.

I have a few issue, not sure if the program isnt capable of if i am just not knowing how?
First there seems now way to drag and select a group of photos. I can either select all or hold control and mouse click one by one for a batch edit? if i have a folder with a 1000 photos and i wanna group edit 50 (or apply copied edits) it is very slow to click add one at time?

Second, when adding keywords, I can only save copied group of keywords to one photo at a time?, How can i save a copied group of key word to mutilple photos at once?

Third the Meta data, same issue as key words, can only type in data and apply to one photo at a time, but even worse than keywords, have to type in meta data all over again for each photo??

Any help here is greatly appreciated.