[Request] WinDVD in Win10 app store

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[Request] WinDVD in Win10 app store

Post by coldsnap »

Okay so this might be a bit of an odd request but if someone from Corel is reading this and if you have the means of running it up the chain of command would you consider putting WinDVD Pro12 on the Windows Store, why you ask ?

1) Microsoft now allows bridged Win32 applications in the store, some are starting to pop up on it already (e.g. Kodi).

2) WinDVD is the only remaining good & legal BD disc player on Windows. There is only one other legal player (you all know who) which is trash, there are tons of fake players which use cracks and other shady things to pretend they are players but dont have any menu support and other features are missing. In fact finding WinDVD these days via Google is actually a bit of hard work unless you know the name of the software, generic blu-ray player windows gives back lots of fake players though the top result is a list article with WinDVD at the bottom, very out of date too as one of the players on that list is no longer available.

3) There are no other BD/DVD disc player apps on Windows Store other than Microsofts own very basic DVD player.

4) It would greatly simplify keeping the application up to date and of course streamline install and uninstalls thank to the appx package format.

5) It would simplify buying the app and I know Corel is going why should we give MS a cut and just direct users to our website but there's no reason you can't do both and it's way easier to tell someone just go buy WinDVD on Windows Store which they are far more likely to have set up an account with. It also would give the app a better profile with users being more aware of it.

6) You still keep the old school exe installer for older version of Windows.

The means to play BD discs on Windows PC's seems to be dwindling so I hope you consider my request as I think it would help WinDVD stay relevant to those of us who still value it.

Thanks for reading.