zPerspector for ASP 3 hangs

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zPerspector for ASP 3 hangs

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aftershot3x64 310181: amd64 Corel AfterShot 3 (64-bit)
nvidia-340 340.96-0ubuntu0.14.04.1
8-core amd cpu, 8GB RAM

Maybe the problem is related to http://forum.corel.com/EN/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=60544 - Ubuntu Trusty: AfterShot 3 (64-bit) hangs with rendering

The problems described at http://forum.corel.com/EN/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=60544 can happen, but this occurs not very often. But I notice every time, that rendering hangs with full cpu-load when zperspector64 is used and multiple files are rendered. 1 photo is rendered normally, most times in about 2 seconds, sometimes 8 seconds. If I try 3 photos I can have luck and it finishes after minutes. There is no chance to finish eg 20 photos, it doesn't finish after hours. The rendered files are jpg with 98% quality.

The more options in zperspector64 are used the bigger is the chance, that the photo is not rendered. It is the same behaviour with the opensource graphics driver and the nvidia-driver.

Of course it is annoying if the batch doesn't work and 1 photo after another has to be rendered as a workaround.
I use Aftershot with http://xubuntu.org/