Multicam Vid Editing HW - onboard gpu vs dedicated

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Multicam Vid Editing HW - onboard gpu vs dedicated

Post by habfan »

Hi All,

I havent done much video editing since transferring my kids baby videos to disk using an old ati all in wonder card and then dv camcorder using pinnacle studio. So my experience is back to basics and i now want to get back into it.

I'm currently running VS Pro 9.5 Ultimate on my laptop. which has a core i7 4510u and radeon m275x vid card with 8GB of ram
I am using the application to do video editing of sports with multi cam (upto 3 or 4 cameras) 2 go pros (i am currently running them at 1080p 30fps) and potentially 2 other video cameras (canon s100 capturing in hd 1080p 30fps and another hd capture.) I basically have 2 gopros setup stationary and i would operate a 3rd camera manually to pan the field of play.

My current setup seems to run fine enough to edit 2 go pros (I haven't had a chance to work the third cam yet, but that will come, and if it doesn't work the 2 cams will be good enough) but I'd prefer to run it on a desktop to get access to multiple screens bigger than 14 inches.

I have an opportunity to purchase some refurbished computers from my workplace which are HP elite 8200s small form factor that have core i7 2600 and 4 GB of ram in them, however they don't have dedicated vid cards, just the onboard hd2000,

i know the i7 2600 is a much faster cpu than what I have in my laptop.

I know I need to up the RAM, which i plan to do, to get it to 8 or 16GB.
The case and the PSU on these workstations limits its usefulness to a low profile low wattage card such as a radeon r7 240 (p.s these are proprietary PSUs so I don't think I can upgrade them easily so I won't consider that.)

My questions are:..
How important is the dedicated vid card to the editing of video in for multicam?
Will the video be really stuttering whle editing with an HD2000 chip? or is this more dependant on the cpu or anything else i'd need to account for.?
Would upgrading to use a dedicate videocard (radeon gpu) be noticeable in editing.. and how much would better would it help to render.
and final question is
Would the performance of the an i7 2600 with 8GB fof ram without the vid card be better for video editing than my laptop setup of the i7 4510 with dedicated videocard?.

Thanks in advance for any advice.