ASP 2 Pro with Gradfilter

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ASP 2 Pro with Gradfilter

Post by Hobgoblin »

Seems to be £36.00 Sterling to upgrade if you go through the applications - Check for Updates link.
Still seems too expensive to me.

Better to shell out for the ASP3 version of Gradfilter Pro at $14.00 and install that in ASP 2 Pro where it works fine.

You can then keep your carefully crafted customUI.txt, and any Lens Calibrations you have already created or enabled in /opt/AfterShot2(64-bit)/supportfiles/Profiles/LensProfiles.
Tamron Lens calibrations seem to have been dropped from ASP 3 but exist with calibrations in ASP 2, although not always enabled. Change calibrated: false to true - if calibration data is shown, in /opt/AfterShot2(64-bit)/supportfiles/Profiles/LensProfiles/profile_genericSLR.txt