Corel Video Studio Service Packs

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Corel Video Studio Service Packs

Post by lata »

Corel VideoStudio 2018
As from version 2018 the Service Packs will be delivered through the program.
There is no option to download the packs from

Please install the latest update by using the in-product updating system. Update notifications appear automatically by default, but you can check manually by choosing Help menu > Check for Updates.
For information about the latest version of VideoStudio, visit
Note: If at any point you experience issues installing updates, the following procedure can be used:
Visit, and download the latest version of the product. Uninstall your current version using the Windows Control Panel before you install the latest version.

Service Pack VS2018_SP4.exe was released on 2018-07-23 fixing the following

VSX-1426 UI interface custom set failures after installing SP3
VSX-1421 Transition moved, project duration changes after changing project properties
VSX-1433 Timeline duration changes from 10 minutes to over 1 hour
VSX-1399 Auto-alignment feature does not center correctly
VSX-1425 Options panel won't work if switch back to edit from Share
VSX-1427 Poor quality render using Smart Proxy
VSX-1428 Mpeg-4 export problems, reported on forums [Asik et al]
VSX-1430 PAL installation shows share Mpeg4 as NTSC profile
VSX-1432 Crash when adding overlay effect to clip with NB Titler Pro 5
VSX-1444 Can't remove sample video thumbnails
VSX-1446 Set Welcome book page colors, when offline
VSX-1440 Provide user message when selecting share to Facebook

Corel Video Studio X10

Run the program and check for updates should find the latest service packs:-
Otherwise go to ... sion-tab=1
to download and install VideoStudio X10.5 Update

Help About should show version X10.5.0.60


Service Pack 5 released 30th May 2017
The latest version is 64Bit.
The most striking difference is the addition of the welcome screen, first used with x10 ... sion-tab=0

For recent purchases and downloads (after July 2016) (CVSX9.5) will be provided.
Service pack 4 would/can then be installed.

Go to Help – Check for updates
Go to Help- About to check your version number is correct.

I would recommend allowing auto updates to install any patches, only try manual installs if you have problems.
Installing updates in the wrong order or when already installed will show the message:-
installed version.jpg
A windows 7 update in February 2017 left all Corel Video Studio programs inoperative.
Corel have provided fixes for some versions.

CVSX9 Disc / Box Version

Internet connection should be available to allow an automatic installation.
Installing the disc via the Web Installer (VideoStudio.exe) will first download the latest service Patch, the program will then be installed followed by the Service Patch.

The program should launch and run without problems.
If you do not have an internet connection then as far as I am aware the program will install but will need the latest service patch installed separately to allow the program to launch.

Corel have provided hot fixes for this program which should be installed immediately after installing the program
Corel VideoStudio X8.5 Hotfix 2 ... sion-tab=1

Corel VideoStudio X7 Hotfix 1
The hot fix should be installed immediately after installing the program ... sion-tab=2

For earlier versions of Video Studio to date Corel are not intending to fix the windows update problems, if you require further information contact Corel regarding this issue….

Upgrade to CVSX9

Corel are however offering the upgrade for users owning any earlier versions of Video Studio, In the past eligibility was limited to the last two versions.
So if you have an old program then it may be worth considering an upgrade.
Upgrade Eligibility.jpg

For those who do not wish to take up that offer earlier versions can be run by uninstalling the Windows Updates, hiding the updates to stop them installing again, this is of course at your own discretion and may affect pc security?


In Control Panel, Programs and Features, click View Installed Updates. Top left
- Remove KB3126587 and/or KB3126593
In addition KB3140410 may also be causing some issues reported for X6 and X5
- Do NOT reboot.

Now go to
Control Panel - Windows Updates
Run Check for Updates, it should find the two updates
View updates to install
Select update , right click
Hide updates KB3126587 and/or KB3126593 and KB3140410

Regards Trevor Admin
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Re: Corel Video Studio installation details + hotfixes

Post by BrianCee »

for users of earlier versions who are un-happy about removing and hiding security updates please go to this topic ... 31#p325077

where an alternative - which appears to be working for some users - can be found