Images Turned Pink/Orange

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Images Turned Pink/Orange

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I've been using Aftershot Pro [ASP] for years. No issues.

I upgraded my 5D3's firmware to: 1.2.3
Installed Magic Lantern

Now ASP renders my RAW photos as very pink.

In fact, when the photos are first imported into ASP, they are rendered correctly.
A second later, they all change to pink.

I've even removed Magic Lantern, tried firmware version 1.3.3, but I still get pink images.

I tried installing ASP 2 Trial version. Install always hangs just after the unzipping and setup.exe starts.

What can I do?

Here are the images:
JPG created with Canon's software:

JPG created from the same RAW file with ASP:

W7 Ultimate
AfterShot Pro 1
Canon 5D3 Raw

Thank you,