How to Attach images to your post

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How to Attach images to your post

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This post has been updated by admin 05/12/2020

Use the forums Attachment options allow us upload the image directly to the forum

From a New Topic this view can be seen
01 New Topic.jpg

A slightly different view from a Quick Reply, we need to open the Full Editor & Preview

The full editor gives us text tools in addition to the Attachment tab

After opening the Attachments tab we can choose Add Files, this allows us to browse for a suitable file PNG or Jpeg

We can now position our cursor within our post and select Place in Line
Post updated 28/07/2022

Additional info by Ken Berry
To attach a file, first click on the 'Full Editor & Preview' button immediately below the space where you are writing your post. A new page will appear with a larger space topped by an array of icons. But below the space (and below the Save draft, Preview and Submit buttons), you should see two tabs: Options and Attachments. Click the latter.

A new button will appear: Add files. Click that and it will take you to File Explorer and allow you to find the file/photo you want to attach. Click that to select it. Now, below the Add files button, there should be a window with the name of the file -- in my case tiki.jpg. Over to the right of it are two buttons: Place inline, and Delete file. Needless to say, only pick the latter if you picked the wrong file and want to replace it.

If you click the Place inline button, then up in the response window there should appear something like [ attachment=0]image.jpg[/attachment] but without the space after the first square bracket. I did that so you could see what is written. Otherwise, the selected image shows there too. If you then highlight those words (without the space), including the far left and far right brackets, and Ctrl+C copy it, you will be able to place (Ctrl+V) the image anywhere you want in your response.

If you don't click it, then when you finish your response and click submit, then the image will appear at the bottom at the end of the response.
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