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Re: Plugins for ASP 2.2

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Check the support section of

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Re: Plugins for ASP 2.2

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benoitgphoto wrote:I downloaded the Bez plugin (64 bits ASP 2.2) but after installing it, the plugin does not show up anywhere. Tried to reinstall it and ASP ask me if I want to replace the existing version and after answering "YES" and go forward with the installation, still no BEZ plugin in any of plugin sections. I am on Mac. Am I missing something ?
I'd like to be able to help you, but unfortunately I can't. Corel compiled Bez for ASP2.2 on my behalf and I don't have a Mac to test on.
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Re: Plugins for ASP 2.2

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I user linuxmint 17.1, cinnamon, 64-bit. I have problems with the plug-in zText. Installation procedure goes well, but the plug-in does not appear anywhere. I use AfterShot pro2
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Re: Plugins for ASP 2.2

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This is, because zText is not for ASP2.2 compiled, yet.
It's on my list, but please be still a bit patient.

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