MP3 burning to CD

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MP3 burning to CD

Post by frank2 »

I am using Corel DVD Movie Factory to assemble MP3 audio files then burning to CD. The system works great, but (seems there's always a "but"), the MP3 files when I put them in the Corel window for assembly, sort themselves alphabetically. I want to order them in the order I put them in to the system, not in alpha or numeric order, how do I achieve this?

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Re: MP3 burning to CD

Post by jdowney »

I have not been able to figure this one out as well...

However, I did come up with a workaround. I add a two digit sequential number in front of the name of the MP3 file that I have selected. That way they will always be in the order I want them. I know it is a little tedious, but it works until I can figure out a better way...


PS: Anybody know how to make Movie =Factory take a .MP3 file, convert it to a .WAV file and then burn it to a CD?
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Re: MP3 burning to CD

Post by BrianCee »

Not at all sure why you are so determined to use a video programme to manipulate audio and burn an audio CD.

There are numerous free programmes such as Audacity from here :- which will do what you want and more

and surely even Windows Media Player can burn a set of files to a CD.