Opening Sony A6000 .ARW file with ASP

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Opening Sony A6000 .ARW file with ASP

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This works with ASP and I believe it works for all ASP versions.

1) Install exiftool
2) Run the following to convert the EXIF from A6000 to NEX-7

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exiftool -Model=NEX-7 -IFD1:Model=NEX-7 -SonyModelID=NEX-7 {A6000 file(s)}
3) open in ASP

You can experiment with other models. I picked NEX-7 because their resolution is similar but I don't think it matters. I have tried NEX-6 and NEX-5N. I think all of them works, except NEX-3N and NEX-F3 which I believe has bad profile. Their color profiles are slightly different. You can decide which one is closest in real life.