File format mismatch

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File format mismatch

Post by Tombell »

I’m having problem in adding video files to a DVD Video Disc project. Some MP4 files are either “File format mismatch” or made the DVD MovieFactory crashed. Below are the sample MP4 files I found which able to reproduce my problem. Does anyone has idea what wrong on these files? ... inkage.mp4, 720p, h.264, AAC. DVD MovieFactory crashed while adding this file to project. ... planet.mp4, 720p, h.264, AC3 - “File format mismatch”.

Win7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit
DVD MovieFactory 7 Pro Built 7.00.398.2 (aka SP2)
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.3.5

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Re: File format mismatch

Post by lata »

Hi and welcome to the forums

I do not have DVD Movie Factory but use Video Studio.
Not sure what’s wrong with those samples, I am able to insert both to Video Studio, the “planet” one does not have any audio at least not that VS is aware of, but plays ok using VCL Player.
I was able to convert using AVS video converter to another MP4, that plays ok in VS with audio, then I tried Mov which also played ok, file sizes are much larger so I can only assume the originals are highly compressed?

Although Shrinkage video plays ok including audio, video studio does not seem to read the properties correctly, I would assume that goes for DVD MF as the software is very similar.

One video uses 29.96 fps whereas the other 23.9 fps. So mixing those may cause quality issues.

I can only advise that you try converting the clips to a more editable format that Corel software will recognise.

I’m sure other forum users will try your clips and give their feedback

By the way to burn a DVD the files have to be Mpeg2, as its that format that is used on a disc.