Corel KnockOut 2 with psp X6 Ultimate

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Corel KnockOut 2 with psp X6 Ultimate

Post by caspia1 »

Reading around I have found that some Photoshop users have Corel KnockOut 2.
I particularly like the ability to do some serious hair extraction (as an example) for my image portraits.
Is this product available for psp X6 or is it simply a specialised plug-in for Photoshop?
If it is available, where can I buy it, please?
Thanks for your help.
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Ken Berry
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Re: Corel KnockOut 2 with psp X6 Ultimate

Post by Ken Berry »

All I can say is that in the ten years or so I have been on this forum, this is the first time I have heard of Corel KnockOut 2! :oops: I have done a Google search for it, and everything points to the fact that it is -- or was -- a plug-in made some time ago specifically for Adobe Photoshop. That was probably at a time before Corel took over companies which brought other photo editing programs into its own corral (apart from PhotoPaint in the CorelDRAW group of programs), such as Jasc's PaintShop Pro or Ulead's PhotoImpact. Since then, there has been no mention of which I have ever been aware of producing a new version of KnockOut for those products or as a stand-alone. And of course since then Corel has even ditched PhotoImpact as one of their products. So it is likely that KnockOut was also dropped, or perhaps incorporated under some other name in one of the other products...

I could of course be wrong, but if I am I am sure someone will soon jump in and point this out.
Ken Berry
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Re: Corel KnockOut 2 with psp X6 Ultimate

Post by LeviFiction »

I'm assuming you don't like the object Extractor in PSPX6. SP1 fixed the instability and a hotfix fixed the zoom bug of SP1. So if you're just avoiding it because of that don't worry. It's all good now.

Otherwise, if you're just looking for a better solution.

KnockOut 2 was supposed to be able to work with PaintShop Pro 10 (if that tells you how old it is). Now that doesn't tell you if it'll work in PSPX6, but it should work just fine. However, as Ken noted, it's old and no longer sold by Corel. So....yeah.

Are there any other similar plugins? I tested these with X5. My X6 installation is at home so I will retest with X6 later.

1) ImageSkill - Background Remover - BackgroundRemover plugin worked pretty well back with X2 Ultimate. Broke in X3 but worked again in X4. Have not tried it in recent versions.

2) onOne Software Perfect Mask 5.2 - Could not get the plugin working, might be Photoshop only, but the Pro version does work as a standalone program. And a script could be made to get PSP to work with it. Someone did something similar with some of the Nik filters.

3) Vertus FluidMask - It showed up in my effects menu but I couldn't get it to run.

4) Topaz ReMask - This one worked beautifully with X5. I will try again with X6 but we can be reasonably sure it'll work just fine with that.

All of them have trials so you aren't stuck buying before you try.
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Re: Corel KnockOut 2 with psp X6 Ultimate

Post by TimW »

Sorry to dredge up a 3 yr old thread but it deserves a final look. I have Knockout 2 & it works perfectly as a plugin in PSP X2. Not much success with X8 though. Yes, It has been long discontinued by Corel & that's too bad because it is a very powerful tool for removing backgrounds without that cutout look. Things such as see thru hair & edges of fuzzy sweaters are perfectly preserved. If you have PSP X2 & can get hold of a copy of Knockout 2, you can have a ton of fun. I even use it to remove the sky in an image with a very busy tree line, electric lines, etc....