free replacement DVD MovieFactory 7SE

Several users have been unsure where to post issues relating to the copy of MovieFactory 7 SE now supplied with VideoStudio X3. To make life easier you can post problems here.

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Don Allen
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free replacement DVD MovieFactory 7SE

Post by Don Allen »

I'm trying to use DVD Factory 2010, as part of VS X3. I notice in the Post DVD Movie Factory 2010 that this package is really designed for Corel Digital Studio and there is a free replacement called DVD MovieFactory 7SE. How do I get the free replacement. When registered my VS X3 I never received any information relative to the free replacement nor did I receive any emails to that effect. In addition I don't remember it showing up in Updates and Patches for VideoStudio X3.

How do I get the free replacement?
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Re: free replacement DVD MovieFactory 7SE

Post by BrianCee »

To be honest I don't think you stand any chance at all of getting a free MovieFactory as VideoStudio X3 is no longer a supported product - any thing more than two versions ago is dead as far as Corel is concerned and they will not even talk to you about it.

DVD MovieFactory 7 is still available in some parts of the world - I note that the USA website still shows it available so you could buy a copy but as it appears to be $49:99 it would be far better to stretch a little further and buy a new version of VideoStudio X6 - but again you do not qualify for the reduced price upgrade as X3 is no longer a supported product
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Re: free replacement DVD MovieFactory 7SE

Post by lata »

Hi Don

The DVD MovieFactory 7SE program was part of the update installations.

Go to the Corel Guide and choose Check for Updates.

First you should install Service Pack 1, then run the Check for Updates again, the DVDMF 7SE should then be available. But “SP 1” has to be installed first.

As far as I know is called DMF7SEforVSX3.exe

Although X3 is not supported it should still update to install the service Packs.

Worth a go anyway,

You may have downloaded the file without knowing, search the pc for DMF7SEforVSX3.exe


I found this info on the knowledge Base
How to burn your project in VideoStudio Pro X3 using DVD Movie Factory 7SE
Don Allen
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Re: free replacement DVD MovieFactory 7SE

Post by Don Allen »

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the reply. Back in January of this year when I had to reinstall VSX3 on a new system due to a motherboard failure I went to Corel's website and downloaded all of the available updates including Service Pack 1. Last week before starting a project I checked the website again and noticed Service Pack 2 was available which I downloaded and installed.

In either case Movie Factory 7 SE was not installed because when I go to Tools on the VSX3 menu bar the only listing is DVD Factory Pro 2010.

To be honest about it if I have to upgrade to VSX6 just to get out of this dilemma I will probably go to another package by another supplier. This is the second time Corel has issued a crippled software package and left me hanging. I've been using VideoStudio ever since VS7 when it was sold by Ulead. Never had a problem until Corel bought it and I've nothing but trouble ever since.

On another occasion I was using Paint Shop Pro by Jasc from version 4 up until Corel bought it and put out version. Once again they put out a knowingly crippled package and kept saying they were going to fix it in the next update. That never happened so I moved up to full Photoshop program and never looked back.

I've always preferred VideoStudio over Nero and Pinnacle Studio, even though I have all three installed on my machine but it looks like I will be leaving VS if I can't get this problem resolved. I'm a photographer and one of the things I do is give the client a DVD slideshow when I present all of the final images to them.

Thanks again for the help but I've got to finish this project by the end of this week so I will be moving to a different project to complete the task.

Thanks again