Success opening Ricoh GR and Pentax Q DNGs in ASP

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Success opening Ricoh GR and Pentax Q DNGs in ASP

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Hi all,

I've recently bought AfterShot Pro, which is a very nice raw editor available in Linux.
I also recently ordered (yet not recieved) a Pentax Q as it seems to become decently priced now and seems to be a fun camera.

ASP does not however support the Pentax Q, so I fiddled around a bit with exiftool ( and after some effort found that the following Exif modifications to the Pentax Q .dng produces a file that ASP is happy with:

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exiftool -DefaultCropSize="3998 2998" -DefaultCropOrigin="2 2" -makernotes:all= -make="Leica Camera AG" -model="M9 Digital Camera" pentax_q_42.dng
Leica was the only "Make" that seemed to work and is something to brag about when sending folks your .dng:files :lol:
The crop is needed since ASP seems to read from uninitialized memory and produces an ugly 256x256 pattern if not cropped at the borders.

I tried this on firmware 1.0 .dng files as I haven't recieved my camera yet.

I also tried some other .dng files to try to get them to work: Sigma DP1 did not, however Ricoh GR did :P
I only tested one Ricoh GR dng I found online; the crop argument does not seem to be needed.

Do you get this trick working for other brands?

Best regards