FREE SCRIPT - Open a Copy

Post a link to your videos and photographs created with Corel (former Intervideo-Ulead) Products and get feedback from others.

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FREE SCRIPT - Open a Copy

Post by Cassel »

When we want to work on a photo or use a template, we should ALWAYS work on a duplicate copy of it for a few reasons:
- you dont want to loose your original if you happen to save instead of save as...
- if you use PSPX3 and before, and have the Auto-save turned on, it might over-write your original

However, working on a duplicate image that has never been saved will NOT allow the Auto-save to really save automatically, so you are careful to work on a duplicate but comes a power failure, you dont have an auto-saved copy.

This script will just do that: duplicate AND save a copy before you even start working. This means that you will not over-write your original AND the Auto-save will save your work (assuming it is turned on).

Best of all, it is FREE:

You can grab it here in the store: ... cts_id=322
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Re: FREE SCRIPT - Open a Copy

Post by df »

Thanks, that looks to be a useful script.
Regards, Dan

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