Lens Calibration for Nikon P7100

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Lens Calibration for Nikon P7100

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I tried several times with Hugin and other tools to get the lens correction data for my Nikon P7100 - it works for some images, strangely others get it completely wrong, so the data I got are not reliable - I never know if an image will be corrected rightly or not.
Now I was waiting for the new version, but it seems ASP does not want to support the Nikon P7100 (nor the older P7000, P6000 etc) even though now there is already a follower, the P7700. I am quite disappointed and going more and more to Lightroom 4, which at least can handle the lens correction for my Nikon.
PLEASE, if there is anybody out there that has the right lens correction data with which I can feed my ASP, I will be really thankful!