Lens Calibrated: Sigma E 30mm f2.8 for NEX

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Lens Calibrated: Sigma E 30mm f2.8 for NEX

Post by ferdinand-paris »

This goes in "profile_sony.txt" in along with the other NEX lenses:

begin lens
group: sonyemount
aperture: 2.8
menu_lens: Sigma E 30mm f2.8
cal_abc: 30.0 0.008201 -0.024057 0.001193

Note that this formulation requires the following entry in "profile_sonyemountlenstable.txt" - You will need to add this line to the file as shipped:

E 30mm F2.8 | Sigma E 30mm f2.8

I've done this using PTGui. It seems to work, but as I've taken a different approach to other profile creators, I'd appreciate if someone could test it and confirm that it's ok.

Note that the NEX cameras do not seem to be auto-recognised. I think that this is because the camera ID is in maker notes and not standard EXIF, which is a real pain.