Red Eye Removal

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Red Eye Removal

Post by MJG »

Simple recipe for red eye removal with shipped plugins in ASP:

[*] add new adjustment layer
[*] mark red spots with circular selections, small feather
[*] turn on B&W plugin with "minimum of green and blue" mode

That's it!
Makes for an easy preset.

P.S.: I got an e-mail from the board administrators that my forum account will be deactivated unless I post something. Whether that was fake or just brain dead - it triggerered this post...
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Re: Red Eye Removal

Post by RickHeath »

My understanding is that there is an automatic system that if you have signed up but never posted anything you will be required to post or your account is deleted to save cluttering up the database with folk who don't really want to be signed up. Make a post, as you have done, and you're permanently in.

Red eye - you could alternatively use the red eye plugin available here :) (see here also for more discussion). Before there was a red eye plugin for Bibble I used settings of exposure -1.5 to -2.00 & Saturation of -65 to -75 (which also works on other colours, i.e.animal eyes).