"Open with" in Batch output

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"Open with" in Batch output

Post by nyukuri »

The Batch output works fine, also the "Open with" function. I am using this way my Nik and Topaz plugins.

But I have a problem with Nik HDR Efex. Because ASP opens the specified program with each image individually. What I want is, to open the program only ONCE and give all the images as parameters to this one instance of Nik HDR, so that Nik HDR is started once and opens all the pictures...

How can I do that? Is it possible and I just need to know the right application arguments or is it not possible at all from ASP's site?
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Re: "Open with" in Batch output

Post by grubernd »

ASP cant do anything about the behaviour of any external editor except sending parameters - if the software allows for that.

some programs would allow the listing of multiple files in the commandline, so the only thing that ASP could do would be something like a special option to call the external editor for each "send to batch" command only once with all files as parameters. but first ASP would have to go back to the "settings-snapshot" behaviour of B4, where send-to-batch made an actual snap of the current state of the settings und used them to process the file, otherwise a collection-Q isnt really sensible from my point of view.
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