Nik and Topaz plugins DO WORK with AfterShot Pro!

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Nik and Topaz plugins DO WORK with AfterShot Pro!

Post by nyukuri »

In the Wish list thread I read in several posts that people wished to use Nik plugins or more than 1 or 2 external editors. Both is already possible! :)

I am using Nik software plugins as well as TOPAZ (via Topaz fusion) in AfterShot Pro!

Check the installation path (for Nik usually /Programs/Nik software/...; for TOPAZ use the path of Topaz Fusion) where you will find normal executables (.exe) for your plugins. You can use them as external editor in AfterShot Pro - but since only one external editor can be saved, there is even a better solution!

Just create "Batch Output" presets like the following:

- 16-bit TIFF (File Output)
- Destination: Relative (if you want a new master file in the same folder)
- No resizing
- check all Metadata (if you want to keep them in your file)
- check "Open with:" and then specifiy the exe-file of your plugin

Duplicate this preset and change only the format from 16-bit TIFF to 8-bit TIFF.
Name the two presets accordingly (for example "16-bit Nik Silver Efex Pro 2")

Now you can use these Batch Output presets as plugin starter. Drag and drop your image on the preset. RAW files should be dropped on the 16-bit preset, JPEGs will work fine with the 8-bit preset. Done!

I use Nik Viveza 2 and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. For both I created two presets as mentioned. For all the 10 TOPAZ plugins you will need only 2 presets (16-bit for RAW and 8-bit for JPEG) and you start with them TOPAZ fusion. From there you can then choose which Topaz plugin should be started.

The same you can do with any external editor you want to use! I know, its not the same as a real plugin support, but at least you can use your favorite PS plugins with AFterShot Pro too, or use more than one possible external editor!

Good luck! ;)
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Re: Nik and Topaz plugins DO WORK with AfterShot Pro!

Post by MeneM »

I think the people who requested that in another thread where referring to their Linux (and Perhaps Mac) pc's?

And seeing as those beautiful programs do not run on linux.... We simply put it in as a "feature request"
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Re: Nik and Topaz plugins DO WORK with AfterShot Pro!

Post by df »
This has already been discussed. Simply put, the plug-in doesn't fit into the "preserve your egg" scenario that so many ASP users enjoy.
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