3D Models

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3D Models

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Production Studio comes with various 3D models, for example a red Jeep. That model has dozens of parts that can be removed or animated individually, such as spinning tires, etc.

Objects, e.g. 3DS models have one part.

Question: What are the 3D models actually called, for example the red Jeep? I would like to find, possibly buy additional models that have various parts - for example other cars that allow each part within the model to be removed or animated. For example, the provided red Jeep can be animated to go across the screen with the key having the tires rotate as that happens.

All I can find on the web is 3DS models that may or may not be compatible with this product. Some are useful but all of them come in one piece - one cannot animate, for example the tires since the tires are incorporated within the one piece.

So, once again: What kind of model am I looking for, e.g. perhaps dozens of 'parts' or 'objects' that make up the model with all providing the option of animation - individually, exactly like the red Jeep?

Thanks for any input.
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Re: 3D Models

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Have you looked for the Direct X (*.X) models?
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Re: 3D Models

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I think that we should call these 3D models 3D art actually. Actually, creating this types of arts are truly challenging work for anyone to make them perfectly. So, we need some help from artists who create this arts so superbly.