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Re: zText

Post by malinkb »

When I install zText on asp, the plugin installs. However, when I restart asp after it is installed, the plugin is not to be found in the plugins tab

I have installed the 32-bit version of the plugin.

Here is the log:


This lines is of interest I think:

0.11: "Error loading plugin: /home/malin/.AfterShotPro/Plugins/zText.afplugin"
0.11: "Plugin library contained no recognizable symbols."

I also made a post about this in the bugs and fixes secton, but no answers:


I run 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS
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Re: zText

Post by Dutchmm »

My suspicion is that you have installed the later version of zText. At some time during the life of ASP 2, Corel changed the plugin interface - something to do with keeping in step with QT libraries, iirc. This broke every plugin there was, and only some of the plugin authors bothered to update their tools to the new interface.

What can you do? If you can't do without zText, and if all the other plugins on which your life depends have been updated, you should upgrade. ASP 3 will live side-by-side with ASP 1, except maybe for the catalogs. So you don't have to convert the existing stock of photos (the only ASP 3 crashes I have had have been when re-processing shots already edited in ASP 2). And I can say with hand on heart that the 64-bit ASP3 works fine on 14.04 LTS - I am using Mint 17.3 in its KDE flavour.

If not, and if you can't find the old version of zText, I would suggest you get to know and love imagemagick. AFX's book has an example of how you can insert a copyright notice (at least, I think that's the example) onto every photo. Some time ago I posted an answer in the General forum about batch scripts to put variable text onto all the shots in a directory. It's a tiresome business, but even in its most recent incarnation, I find zText itself a bit unhandy.

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Re: zText

Post by tintin »

hannes_hab wrote:" ... asides from it only allowing one line of text ..."
You can have different lines and fonts/styles/settings by adding layers like text_01, text_02 an so on. You also may save presets to create this layers with text and IPTC Data.
you can put a \n to have a new line in the same text.

e.g 'Hello\nworld'
will be displayed as

kind regards
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Re: zText

Post by hannes_hab »

thank you for that hint - did not know that
regards Hannes

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