Exporting jpgs from Corel Print House

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Exporting jpgs from Corel Print House

Post by gugfuf »

There really is no straightforward way to do this, which is a pity as I like Print House a lot as it is so easy to use and versatile.

In Version 5, what I used to do was go to the file menu and then 'send mail' and the select jpg. When the email program came up, Print House created an email with a jpg attachment of the .CPH image. I would right click this attachment and save as, then edit it down in Photoshop, and hey presto, a perfect image of my Print House work in a jpg!

Then... Thunderbird had a confufulation. This means I can no longer operate this work-around. Does this mean that I finally have to abandon the wonderful and under-rated Print House and learn a new piece of software and somehow do all my work over again? Any suggestions for how to read .CPH files would be extremely welcome as such advice seems to be rather thin on the ground.

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Re: Exporting jpgs from Corel Print House

Post by Ron P. »

Welcome to the forums,

Sadly that file format is very proprietary to Corel Print House. I have numerous different imaging programs, and none are able to read the CPH files. I used to have Corel Print House, but no longer do. So short of buying a copy of it through Amazon, I know of no way to use them. How long ago did Thunderbird throw its fit? If not too long ago, perhaps trying to do a system restore to a point before. Then maybe you could rescue your remaining CPH files.
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Re: Exporting jpgs from Corel Print House

Post by wds937 »

CorelDRAW 9 (can't speak for other versions) and Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 both list .CPH among the available file types in the Open dialog. I have not actually tried opening such a file, however.

I also have numerous image editing programs on this computer, and none of the others list .CPH as an available file type.
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Re: Exporting jpgs from Corel Print House

Post by Hunter »

Hello gugfuf,

Corel Draw Essentials will open .cph files and will offer a .jpg under "save as", might be the export option as well (my memory..). I am not in front of that computer but I think I have to run this program in XP compatibility mode.
http://www.amazon.com/Corel-CorelDraw-E ... B00005MI5B

Corel Gallery may be another option, the program was bundled with Corel image collections such as Fun Art Gallery.
http://www.amazon.com/Corel-CGFA10ENG0- ... 295&sr=1-9

Also PH6 can be installed in Windows 7, it as well can "export" as a jpg
http://www.amazon.com/Corel-PH6ENGPC-Pr ... 391&sr=1-1
Hunter wrote:**UPDATED 8-9-11**

Hello Stan,

I noticed this thread while searching the forum for Print House and wanted to give you another option, a more up to date Print House option, I have many versions of Print House including the latest, but still dated, version 6, and I managed to get this version installed on Windows 7 with only one minor issue that I have noticed, but it looks as if the vast majority of PH6 as well as Photo House works well. First I set the setup executable on the PH6 cd to run in XP SP3 Compatibility Mode, I then ran the installer. When installed I went into the Program Files (x86) folder,in drive C:, and found the Print House 6 folder, then changed the executables for Print House to run in Windows XP SP3 Compatibility Mode, changed Photo House to run in Windows 98 /ME Compatibility Mode. As I said all works fine except that in PH6 (Print House) there is a flyout that is just to the left of the color palette that will not display the thumbnails at all. This flyout is only for "favorites", the standard tools and effects are all still available. This is in Print House, but I honestly can't recall if it applies to Photo House as well. You'll get more tools and effects as well as the ability, after the program is installed, to manually add the content, such as clipart and photo's as well as sample projects, to the hard drive for faster accessibility and searches from within PH6.

Also, I know you can still find new or used boxed PA6 out on Ebay or even Amazon but be careful that you know what your getting as some will only be a "special edition" jewell case version without all the additional content, but it sounds like that may be all you need.

I hope I have not confused you, I can do that now and again :)

Hope this helps,

Hope this helps,
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Re: Exporting jpgs from Corel Print House

Post by CameronWyatt »

I got them installed easily. Thanks for the links.
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