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Re: [Plugin] Silicon Bonk

Post by TexJoachim »

These versions are working nicely! (On v2.4.)
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Re: [Plugin] Silicon Bonk

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Ah, I was not the only one having problems with this!

Setup: ASP on Ubuntu 17.10

Doesn't work: the version of Silicon Bonk from www.aftershotpro.com/en/plugins/siliconbonk/
(Same error message as above:

Install Path: /opt/AfterShot3(64-bit)
LD_PATH: /opt/AfterShot3(64-bit)/lib:
Fatal: QMetaType::registerType: Binary compatibility break -- Size mismatch for type 'QPaintBufferCacheEntry' [1024]. Previously registered size 16, now registering size 0.
*** Error in `./AfterShot': realloc(): invalid pointer: 0x00007f500e1e40e0 ***
Aborted (core dumped)

.. although the address of the pointer varies each time, thank you address randomisation.)

Does work: the version from jakobsens.net/?p=824

Several of the other plugins there have broken links, but it's easy to work out what they should be. When both point to the 32-bit version, just change the URL to have 64 instead of 32. A similar edit works when the plug name is wrong.