Special Features/Sub Menus???

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Special Features/Sub Menus???

Post by watchthispace »

I did do a little research around the boards and most of the posts were old but they all seem to point towards the lack of being able to create sub menus across the corel products.
I own x4 Ultimate and x3 and x2 with DVD Factory 2010 and MF7 SE. Do any of these programs have the ability to make a sub menu were I can include outtakes or bonus
features ala a commercial dvd?

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Trevor Andrew

Re: Special Features/Sub Menus???

Post by Trevor Andrew »

Hi watchthisspace

and a welcome to the forums

All the programs you have listed are very similar in their approach to creating a DVD menu.
You are certainly not going to reproduce the types of menu used in commercial DVD’s

Navigation Controls…..
If you create several video files, (titles) for each video/title you add to the Burner Module a link/thumbnail is created in the main menu, (title menu)
1 / the menu can be set to play all to the end and repeat for ever and ever, very useful for showing the holiday video to the family………

2 / You can set to play the selected title only and then return to the main menu, allowing you to choose another.
3 / Play selected title, then continue to play to end of disc.

In addition
For each Video/Title added a submenu (Chapter Menu) can be created.
However the chapter menu does not follow the rules of the navigation controls of the main menu.(title menu)
Once you have chosen a chapter to play the video will then play all chapters to the end of the title, then follow the rules above.

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Re: Special Features/Sub Menus???

Post by Ron P. »

In addition to what Trevor posted,

Commercial DVDs use a professional/hi-end authoring program, one like Ulead's DVD Workshop 2. They have the ability to create Play Lists, where the author has a lot of control over the navigation of the disc. These professional authoring programs also allow you to create many selectable audio tracks, as well as different subtitles. These programs are rather pricey though.
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