Burning project to CD-R

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Burning project to CD-R

Post by jembrea73 »

I have VideoStudio X4 pro, think the sales man did a great job as i'm a beginner and man o man this isn't what i thought it woud be :D I'm trying to save my pictures to cd, it burns in and when i go to play it on the video, it won't work, just comes up black? Have slected create disk image, have used the cd-r before to do a similar thing and it won't work. any suggestions?
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Re: Burning project to CD-R

Post by Ken Berry »

You will get more answers in the Video Studio forum, rather than here in the Imaging forum. So I am moving this thread.
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Re: Burning project to CD-R

Post by BrianCee »

I am not sure from your post exactly what you have burned to CD - have you just burnt a series of .jpg's or did you produce a video file and burn that to CD. If you have just burn't pictures - does your player support just playing images. If you burnt a video - what format was it - and why use a CD, much better to produce a video and burn to DVD , I have done that many many times with VideoStudio with complete success.

The sales man has probably NOT misled you VideoStudio is quite capable of producing stunning slide shows from a set of photos - it is what you do - how you do it - and what you try to play it with that can make the difference.

A little more detail please - what EXACTLY did you do from opening VS to burning your CD.
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Re: Burning project to CD-R

Post by teknisyan »

Are you trying to create a slideshow that you will burn on a CD and will play on a regular VCD or DVD player? If yes then you may need to create a disc via SHARE > CREATE DISC > DVD, you need to do this after you have inserted all the photos in the timeline and applied the necessary effects and filters.
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