Finding a Closed Path Data

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Finding a Closed Path Data

Post by BroBillnTexas »

How can one import an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file without getting the following Error Message?
"The import command only works with closed path data. Unable to find a closed path in this file"

I was trying to use the free .ai file from the following website: ... iltest.asp
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Re: Finding a Closed Path Data

Post by PEGACON »

Corel MotionStudio 3D Path Editor = Ulead COOL 3D Studio Path Editor

Only the paths of Illustrator objects can be imported. Other attributes such as line color and fills will be discarded.
Open paths from an Illustrator file will be converted to closed paths when imported to Ulead COOL 3D Studio.
If an Illustrator object contains overlapping paths, it will be split into multiple closed paths at the intersecting
nodes when imported to Ulead COOL 3D Studio.

Only paths created in Illustrator 8.x and earlier releases can be imported.

How do I get a jpeg or a gif image into this program in order to use it? I have tried converting, but Cool 3d will not
recognize it. I have tried copy/paste, but it crashes my system. I have images I want to work with in Cool 3d.

You can import WMF and EMF 2D graphics files in Ulead COOL 3D and adjust the extrusion to create 3D titles.
If you are importing WMF files, it should include a vector data. Thus, WMF files that are created in raster-based
software such as PhotoImpact, Paint Shop Pro cannot be used with Ulead COOL 3D Studio.
The most popular software to create that kind of wmf or emf is Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.
Additionally, only closed path WMF and EMF files are supported.