Error burning edited .mpg file to .iso in MovieFactory 7SE

Several users have been unsure where to post issues relating to the copy of MovieFactory 7 SE now supplied with VideoStudio X3. To make life easier you can post problems here.

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Error burning edited .mpg file to .iso in MovieFactory 7SE

Post by altj »

I used VideoStudio Pro X3 to edited a file and saved it as a .mpg. Brought the .mpg file into DVD MovieFactory 7 SE and am trying to create a disk image .iso. The conversion starts and very shortly into it this is the message that comes up: "Convert step got some problems".

I am using the default menu in MF7 SE. Below are the file conversion properties (using defaults):
MPEG files
24 bits, 720 x 480, 29.97 fps
(DVD-NTSC), 16:9
Video data rate: Variable (Max. 7000 kbps)
LPCM Audio, 48000 Hz, Stereo

"Do not convert compliant MPEG files" is also checked.

I am saving the file on a separate drive from the program files.

I tried it again with a file that I didn't edit at all, made it into an .mpg file, and have the same problems. Any ideas?

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Re: Error burning edited .mpg file to .iso in MovieFactory 7

Post by Ron P. »

Welcome to the forums, :)

First I noticed you choose Frame Based, why? What was the field order of your source video clips in your VS X3 project? If it was Upper Field or Lower Field first, then your MPEG file created needs to be the same. Frame Based is best used for video files created from photos. One other thing that could cause things to choke up, is if you tried to combine differing field orders into one clip. You can not have both Upper and Lower Filed first in the same video clip. One will be reversed. You can however have an interlaced (UFF or LFF) and non-interlaced (Frame based) combined.

Most of the time the Convert Step... error comes from the MPEG file(s) being used not being DVD Compliant, thus my asking the above. Unless you're inserting other video formats (MOV, RM, WMV) in a DVD authoring program, your video files should already be DVD Compliant MPEG-2.

Are the properties you posted the Project Properties or the Video File properties?
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