VS X4; Loosing Instant Project Templates???

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VS X4; Loosing Instant Project Templates???

Post by Ron P. »

The question has been raised about where the Instant Project templates are installed to, and more importantly, the Corel Guide shows that it has been installed, so you can not re-download it. http://forum.corel.com/EN/viewtopic.php ... 76#p225376

Have you not been able to find a template you want to install to the Instant Project's Custom category? So thinking that maybe you just have not downloaded it yet, you open the Corel Guide, that little orange circle with the dots and down-arrow, in the upper-right corner.
corelguide button.png
You go to the Do More tab and Templates to find that it shows you have already installed it.
So where is this template installed to? First when you click on the Install button in the Corel Guide it downloads a file. The file is an installer or execution (*.exe) file. This is stored on your computer, and can be used again. It is found in one of the many folders created on your Vista, Win7 system here; C:\ProgramData\Corel\Downloads. On Windows XP, they are found in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Corel\Downloads
instant project installer files.png
vsX4_instantproj installer.png
When the program install the templates, it is just creating folders, and placing all the files for that template in a folder under your Documents folder.
instant project template folders.png
That is where you navigate to when you click on the Import Project Template icon
import template button.png
in the Instant Project wizard. If for some reason your template got deleted, then go back to the location shown in the 3rd screenshot above, find it in one of those folders, and run the *.exe file. It will install the template folder and files again.
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Re: VS X4; Loosing Instant Project Templates???

Post by teknisyan »

As usual, the great Ron P. did it again... thanks for sharing! :)