corel professional photo cd questions

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corel professional photo cd questions

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Hello Everyone ! Please can someone point me in the right direction on whether or not I can use "royalty-free" corel professional photo cd-rom (circa 1993) for commercial purposes. Such as derivative work (printing images on tshirts, decals, etc) volume printing.
I cannot find a licence agreement anywhere as this is an old .pcd file format.
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Re: corel professional photo cd questions

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This is just a shot in the dark, as I am unfamiliar with this product. However, I did a little sniffing around on the Internet, and I came up with these links: ... upport.htm ... sc/faq.htm ... remium.htm

If this is the correct product, then the information in the third link may be useful toward answering your questions. Sections C and D contain the "you may" and "you may not" provisions.

You are right about it being old. The installation information on the support page gives you two choices, one for Windows 3.1 and one for Windows 95.