Highlighting thumbnails

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Highlighting thumbnails

Post by kiwihans »

I have been using DVD WS2 for quite a number of years now. I have always used the Wizard to make the menus. The drawback I have encountered is that backgrounds cannot be changed 100%. If I introduce a new background, the previous background shows through.

I thought I would try using "Create Menu - Blank" the first option. I have run into a problem here. I have a project that requires 7 chapters. Because there is a lot of text, I decided to go for 3 chapters per menu. (the last page has only 1 chapter).

I got them linked allright, BUT I can't get a consistent result when I want to highlight each thumbnail when a chapter is being selected. I went for color mapping so that a thumbnail could go red when selected.
Well, that works for the first menu, but does not carry through to the next menu(s). The next menu(s) default to a semi transparent white, which does not highlight the thumbnail very effectively.

I have tried copying and pasting the thumbnail attributes but that does not work either. Can anyone point me to the correct method of doing this PLEASE!

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Highlighting thumbnails

Post by DVDDoug »

I don't use Workshop anymore, but from what I remember each menu has to be color-mapped separately. You might even have to color-map each text-button separately. There's also a transparancy setting (under button attributes???) and I think you have to set that up separately for each button too.
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Re: Highlighting thumbnails

Post by Coral »

I'm still using UDW2. Now more than ever since I have found a fast way of including subtitles.
I 'm not sure what you mean but you can set the transparency from: Menu > Button > Attributes. One of the options is Transparency.
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Re: Highlighting thumbnails

Post by skier-hughes »

If you want the same background and layout for each menu screen, then make your first one as you have done, set all the attributes, then save the menu.
Use this saved menu for menu 2 and highlight text and change.
Repeat for menu 3 and delete chapters you don't need.