Failed to Burn with MF7SE

Several users have been unsure where to post issues relating to the copy of MovieFactory 7 SE now supplied with VideoStudio X3. To make life easier you can post problems here.

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Failed to Burn with MF7SE

Post by Phil S »

I thought I'd tidy up some of my video's and get them onto less discs, so using MF7SE to author these videos which had all been encoded into compliant MPEG2 files, some with VS10 and some with VSX3, I imported them (12 files in all) and made a simple menu to select each of the 12 videos.

I then proceeded to burn them as a standard DVD and after plenty of DVD burner activity I recieved the error message "Failed to Burn to Disc" I tried again with the same result. The total was 3.92GB, ie. nearly full up. I thought I'd reduce slightly just in case, and tried again with one less small file at 3.8GB. Still failed.

I then used MF7SE to produce a ISO disc image instead which I then tried to burn with Nero. This also failed.

I was begining to suspect my DVD Writer was faulty, BUT, I then authored the same compliant MPEG files with Nero, complete with menus, and had no trouble at all - perfect DVDs.

Needless to say I'm not too pleased with MF7SE as I have wasted at least 4 discs. My DVD writer seems OK with Nero.

I have used MF7SE on smaller, one file DVDs (1.5GB) with no menus, without a problem but this large one with several files and a menu structure failed repeatedly. Any ideas?
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Re: Failed to Burn with MF7SE

Post by Black Lab »

Any ideas?
Yeah, Corel screwed up royaly with DVD burning in X3. Stick with your v10 or Nero.