That Paris Hilton Dame.

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That Paris Hilton Dame.

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I'm in love with Paris folks, so i made a love song, and video for her using ulead videostudio pro 11 plus.

Got the high def upgrades, just loaded some xvid compression i used for this. Some of you will notice a shake now and then during the dissolves. I turned off the antishake just to see what it looked like, and then i like the video and wanted to impress Paris so much, i rushed and posted it before correcting that and many other things. I sort of like the little bit of shake and other mistakes now. They don't call me acid head ed for nothing. I can get away with as many mistakes as i can think up. They just say things like, "well, he is an acid head after all, so what do you expect. He seems pleasant though for an acid head. Why, i would even elect him president of the united states. He couldn't do worse!"

Yeah, they always say things like that. Anyway, i hope you like the video. If the youtube thing doesn't work above, you can just go to my channel, and the video should start loading and playing immediately.

I love Paris. I hope that comes out somehow in this video. I also wrote, performed, recorded, and mixed down the song, and i did that just a few days before i made the video. I became obsessed for some reason.

Enjoy everybody.
Your Pal,
Acid Head Ed
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Re: That Paris Hilton Dame.

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