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saving as a video

Post by worden »

hi.. very new to this...all help is very appreciated. i want to take a gif and transform it into an avi file so that i can use it in a video i am putting together. i go thru the motions as described in the help files, and am able to save my file. when i insert it into my video program, it is extrememly large and almost disporportionate. also, it is saved with a white background, even tho the original was transparent.

perhaps my video program is the blame for the disproportions, but why is it with a white background? please help! thanks~

Post by keenart »

Before you Open, Import, or Paste your image into a Frame you want to make Adjustments to the Size and Transparency. Here is how you do that:

Open GA, go to the Command Menu Item named File and Open a New File. A Dialog Box will display called New. In the List Box named Canvas Size change to the dimensions you want your image to fit into. Under the name Canvas appearance select Fully transparent. Click OK and your changes will be saved. Make any Adjustments to your images and then save to Video format.

The above setting will become the standard for future images, so remember you must change the Size and Canvas settings to enable a white background, should you need that property in a future image. Under menu item named Canvas appearance, when selecting Solid color background object you can click on the small white square to choose another colored background.

There is another way to make your Canvas background Transparent. If you would like to keep the Canvas Size for several sessions, but would like to change the Transparency property without having to change the setting in the NEW dialog; select New from the File Menu, when the image with white background displays on GA’s desktop, in the Object Manager Panel, change the setting from 0 to 99 under menu item named Transparency.