Windows live photo gallery HUGE problem?

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Windows live photo gallery HUGE problem?

Post by doll »

My mother was uploading pictures to her laptop, and she says she tried to open the pictures using windows live photo gallery, somehow, all the desktop icons, and everything is windows photo gallery, when you click internet explorer it goes to windows live photo gallery and says it cannot open with photo gallery, i'm not really sure on how to explain the situation but that's what has happend, all the desktop icons have the windows live photo gallery icon, and when u try to open them it goes on windows live photo gallery how can i fix this problem?
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Re: Windows live photo gallery HUGE problem?

Post by skier-hughes »

This isn't a photo explorer problem, it's a windows / user problem, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here and request you fill in your profile if you wish to ask more questions as this will be very helpful in answering future questions.
Right click a photo, choose open with, select photo explorer and tick the always use this option box and away you go.