DVD Workshop No audio Out

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DVD Workshop No audio Out

Post by cambridge27 »

Help Please:

Have been using Ulead DVD Workshop 2 for years - have had no problems - all the same codecs used - all of a sudden the other day - Windows media and ulead quite playing audio.
Have fixed the Windows media player problem - but workshop will not play through sound card - have tried re-installing Ulead - tried different version of comapitible audio software and hardware but to know avail.
Any suggestions welcome - to re-iterate DVD workshop 2 is the only program on this computer that will not play sound through sound card - have tried burning known good project created a month ago - dvd works fine with audio.
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Re: DVD Workshop No audio Out

Post by DVDDoug »

What audio format are you feeding-in?

BTW - I've "ugraded" to DVD-Lab which doesn't have any audio preview! This makes it a bit tricky to set the chapter points, but it's still usable. (Overall, DVD-Lab is not as "friendly" as Workshop.)
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