VideoStudio Project into MovieFactory 7 SE

Several users have been unsure where to post issues relating to the copy of MovieFactory 7 SE now supplied with VideoStudio X3. To make life easier you can post problems here.

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Re: VideoStudio Project into MovieFactory 7 SE

Post by PJV »

Abiel Corel NA wrote:Just like what Black Lab said DMF 7 SE does not support VSP files, that is why you will get an error if try. To properly guide you on how to create a disc using VS X3 and DMF 7 SE, you can just follow the steps in this KB
Well, thanks for at least attempting to help me on this subject. I read the info. It's just a hack to create an mpg file to then pass to open with DMF7SE instead of passing the much simpler and more useful project file. Not knowing how large my project would be as far as fitting on a DVD, VSPro3 made a 23G mpg file which ended up hanging VSPro3 when I tried to insert it into a project so I could then do the create DVD semi-link to DMF7SE. Of course it locked up and crashed VSPro3 - no doubt due to size.

I cant bother with this crippled, POS junkware of VSPro3 anymore. It was a mistake spending any money on such a coniving company like Corel that sells such garbage in the expectation that we are so stupid as to constantly upgrade to new and more expensive versions to finally arive at something that should have worked many versions previous.

I'll be making my way forward as an anti-Corel evangelist everywhere I go now that I've spend countless hours and dollars on such crap.

Good by!