New Update for WinDVD BD?

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New Update for WinDVD BD?

Post by geppard »

I just purchased "Avatar" on Blu-ray and when I try to play it on my Sony Vaio (Model FW495J), the software (WinDVD BD Verson 8) that plays all my Blu-Rays gives me a error message I've never seen. The screen turns red with a message that my DVD Player needs to be Updated. It then tells me to visit the site // for the update. "BD-J Error Code 1000" also pops up on the red screen. The website is geared towards stand-alone BD players and has no listing of patches or Firmware updates for anything other than a Blu_ray player, nothing for Blu_ray drives.

I have had several problems in the past with WinDVD BD but I finally resolved them all last summer after a clean-sweep and re-install. I've had "Need new ASCII keys" errors, refusal to see disc and discs that start speeding up. The only other problem that I have not been able to fix is the Audio pop-up menu. I cannot change the EQ, pitch, effect, or anything else EXCEPT the Tools pop-up menu Menu that lets you send sub-woofer signals to headphones, etc.

I am running Vista Home Premium (64-bit), Intel DuoCore 2.53GHz, 6 gig's of Ram and a ATI Radeon HD4650 video card.

I have never had this problem before and I bet we will be seeing a lot of it in the next few weeks. The Disc works fine on my PS3 and it is recognized by WinDVD BD, I just can't get it to do anything.
Any tips would be much appreciated!
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Re: New Update for WinDVD BD?

Post by mauricioca »


I had the same problem after played a puchased Avatar Blu-Ray.

See information on ... ews_id=396