Cinde and Ed's California Vacation Ep 1 Solvang Smorgasbord

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Cinde and Ed's California Vacation Ep 1 Solvang Smorgasbord

Post by Acid Head Ed »

Hello fellow editors,

i've got my latest video up on youtube at my site It's called, Cinde and Ed's California Vacation - Episode One: Solvang Smorgasbord You can get it easily by clicking on this link:

You might notice, i used a bit of royalty free music included in ulead video studio 11.5 plus. I couldn't find the name of the band, or song of the wav file, otherwise i would have included the information of the band, along with Lang Linken, who performs the traditional Danish Music. If anyone knows i will add the info to the description.

I also uploaded a High Quality copy of, The Ballad of Acid Head Ed, which was also edited with Ulead Pro. The first compression i did was 10 minutes under 100 megabytes for the old YouTube rules. It was tough. This HQ version is around 560,000 megs for it's 10 minute length, and the effects look so much better, not to mention you can hear my songs and lab effects in stereo.

Some times i added a few extra tracks of sound effects, by turning them into mpg videos, with a black frame as the visual. I then just cut it up and placed the effects where i wanted them in layer 3 or 4, i think i ended up needing 4 extra layers for the final. You just opaque them and then you see only the original video footage, but you hear stero sound from both mpgs. Essentially every layer of video is two tracks of sound you can add. I even added a stronger bass line to the song, and it dropped into the ulead program and synched up instantly. I might have had to speed it up or slow it down 4 or 5 frames for a 5 minute song.

When i did effects with 6 layers, and the main video track, i saved them to a shared video file and then dropped the video into the main project. I tried to keep everything the same settings as my first video clip.

I also had to split ballad up into two 5 minute parts, and then join them later, but that's another story. Anyway here is the HQ version:

Now, that youtube allows your files to be up to 2 gigs, you have a lot more leeway. If you let it cache it tends to become more detailed and clearer.

All my youtube videos were edited with Ulead Pro 11.5. I'm thinking of getting the x3, but i'm not sure if it will handle a lot of edits when using high def. The free upgrade to blueray, and hi def, that requires proxy files just never worked on my 1.7 ghz core duo 2. with 2 gigs of ram.

Even with my regular mpg capture, the ulead pro 11.5 starts to become unwatchable the more edits and layers that are added. Towards the end of the projects, i have to render after just a few cuts to see what the video looks like. I just keep rewriting over the last render on my flash card, but still i wish it were more fluid, like when you first watch your video unedited.

Any questions, please feel free to write me. I hope you enjoy the videos and are entertained. That's all life is for you know.

Have fun.
Your Pal,
Acid Head Ed