Bit rate & Dual Layer


Bit rate & Dual Layer

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This is my first attempt at dual layer. I could use some help from some
of the great posters on this forum... ok here we go

I have content of 3 hours and it has to go on a dual layer disc.
What bit rate do I use when making the mpeg file so that the quality
is still very good? I have a bitrate chart but it doesn't take into account
dual layer burning.

Also once the file is made and I do have Ulead version 2.232
are there any settings I need to change before I burn the dual layer disc?

Thanks so much for anyone who can explain this to me.
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You can get 3 hours on a single layer disc - obviously with a lower quality.
either way you should find something of use here:
What Bit Rate Settings etc Should I use?
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Post by Coral »

If you wish to use single layer, all you have to do is use a DVD ripper and recompress the VIDEO_TS folder. In most cases you will not notice much change in quality or even none at all.

If I'm correct, DVD Workshop 2.232 should recognize the type of media and automatically burn accordingly.