MSP 8 and Win 7

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MSP 8 and Win 7

Post by skyml »

Perhaps I didn't look hard enough but I couldn't find any details on getting Media Studio Pro 8 to work on Windows 7 so I thought I'd mention this. I've installed Win 7 Pro 64 on my Sony VIAO VGN-AW125J laptop with hardware virtualization turned on in the BIOS then I installed XP mode and ran it and installed MSP 8 and DVD WS1 and 2 and the programs installed and are running fine from my Win 7 desktop as if they were Win 7 programs. Even the updates and patches installed without glitch.

Nothing really special, just run Virtual PC with XP mode on Win 7 Pro or higher on a PC that can run it and our old dead programs work great... way better then those complicated fixes in Vista or the hold back limitations of keeping XP (or bootig between the two). Give it a try. :D
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Post by sjj1805 »

Many thanks, this will put a lot of worried members at ease and may help them decide to upgrade in the future.

One thing to add though is that the Virtualization mode with Windows 7 is not the same as Virtual PC or Virtual Box. It is a special version made for Windows 7 and does not run on earlier operating systems such as Vista.
Furthermore unlike Virtual PC, the version that comes with Windows 7 requires processors capable of hardware virtualization.

Microsoft have provided some tools that you can use to ensure that your Intel or AMD processor is capable of doing this: ... -bios.aspx

Also, the virtual PC in Windows 7 is only available in the Ultimate or Professional (Business) versions.

For further details please view ... -mode.aspx