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I'm new to this forum and am not sure where to post this question; this seemed like it may be an appropriate spot. Otherwise, please redirect me.

I just purchased a Pioneer DVR-A09 DVD burner. It shipped with a variety of ULEAD products, one being UDF drivers. In viewing about 20 formatted CDs, some previously formatted, I notice that under Properties | File System I'm seeing three different types listed:


CDs formatted with the USIUDF File System have a unique behavior: the CD name does not appear when viewed in My Computer; whereas, UDF formatted CDs do display the appropriate name. I also notice that CDs formatted with Nero's InCD display a File System of InCDFS.

Can someone elaborate and explain the differences and tell me what I'm looking at here? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks.

Steve :?:

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The three formats mentioned are used in Rewritable CD Rom technology to burn a Rewritable CD Disc. Which format you use depends on the software you use. They are all supposed to be compatibale, but that is not always true, depending on the Type Brand of Burner and Disc.

The later two formats are based, in part, on the first format UDF, Universal Disc Format, which supports Drag & Drop file activity. Similar to Drag\Dropping a file to a Floppy disc, where the burn process is immediate, one does not have to create a Project and then burn to Disc.

UDF is used by most CD-R/RW packet-writing programs (like Adaptec/Roxio DirectCD) and commercial DVD-Video and DVD-ROM discs.

USIUDF Ulead Data Add type UDF driver. http://www.ulead.com/tech/general/data_add.htm

InCDFS Nero Ahead software UDF Driver. http://ww2.nero.com/enu/InCD_4_Release_Notes.html

Installing any one of these three drivers can cause problems for some OS’s, especially between older driver versions and Win XP SP2.

If you don’t use Rewritable CD’s then you should not install these drivers, to avoid potential conflicts. Just install the standard CD burn software; this varies with the Product Brand.

Hope that answers your question.


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Thank you very much for your detailed reply.

Requirements: Burn both CD and DVD RW discs.

I had been using UDF to burn CDs. However, I recently upgraded to a Pioneer DVR-A09XL DVD burner, which came with the Ulead driver: USIUDF, which I installed.

I then purchased Nero 6.6 Ultra Edition to better manage my DVD/CD burnings, and that's where I picked up the InCDFS driver. However, I have had too many problems with InCD causing other system problems and plan to remove Nero and install Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5.

As noted in my earlier append, CDs formatted with the USIUDF File System have a unique behavior: the CD name does not appear when viewed in My Computer; whereas, UDF formatted CDs do display the appropriate name.

And as you mentioned, I am running XP Pro w/SP2.

Do you think running with just UDF will give me CD & DVD RW capability? And if so, how do I revert back to UDF? Is it a simple case of just removing InCD and USIUDF? [Nero provides a CLEAN remove tool that's supposed to remove ALL of its components.]

Thanks again.

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From what you write I have to ask, are you currently running more than one CD\DVD Burner software package. If so, one word of caution you can not run two CD\DVD burner software packages at the same time without application conflicts or even System Crashes.

Secondly is it necessary for you to use Rewritable Discs, can you use Writable instead?

If running Nero at present you can make changes to the software installlation and remove only the InCD feature leaving the rest of the application in tact. You can accomplish this by going to the Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, navigate to the Ahead, or Nero, or InCD software name, sometimes InCD is listed seperate from Nero or Ahead. In that case if InCD software is seperate from the package, you can just uninstall the Drives. If not then you will have to open one of the other application names, then Change your install by deselelcting the InCD feature. IF YOU DO NOT NEED REWRITABLE CAPABILITY. The remaining Burner software will still function. Meaning you can burn Writable Discs but not Rewritable.

Adaptec was really the initial supporter of UDF, but they could never get the driver to work well especially with NT. Roxio bought them out and has vastly improved on the software, now in bed with MS there software is probably the most stable at present.

It is suggested you stay with the software shipped with your Burner, as most burners are tested with shipped software for application stability. If you got Ulead with the burner, that should be the best software for your burner. However, if Roxio or Nero support the Burner you have then you should be able to switch. Always check with all Manufacturers for recommendations, about supported software and Brand Type of Disc compatability. Brand Disc incompatibility can cause major problems when trying to burn a Disc.

I can't tell you which software to use, as you can see there are too many factors you must weigh before making a valid decision.


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At present, I am only running Nero. Its installation instructions were pretty specific, directing me to remove all others before proceeding.

RW disks are a requirement. I spend a lot of time with my digital photography and use RW CDs/DVDs for archival, adding images weekly/monthly as I go. [I believe I cannot keep a disk "open" and continue to write to it over time. Is this a correct assumption? I mention this because I believe Roxio used to have an option for keeping a CD open across multiple sessions.]

Although Nero adds InCD to Startup, I have disabled automatic loading due to the fact that it causes Shutdown problems. I only load InCD when needed. Note, there are two processes for InCD: InCDsrv.exe and InCD.exe. InCDsrv loads all the time and doesn't create a problem. InCD seems to be the culprit. When not loaded, shutdown seems normal.

I'm confused about one thing you say. I had Nero installed before I installed the Pioneer burner and the USIUDF driver. Given your warning about having two burner packages installed concurrently, I'm not sure what state I'm in. [No pun intended!]

Also, without starting InCD, I don't see any Properties' option to Format a CD/DVD! This is my prime motivation for keeping InCD on my system.

Good advice to check with Roxio before replacing Nero for my Pioneer burner. Thanks.

If you could help me with the questions above, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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Most quality Burning Software will allow a CD writable disc to remain open, just keep adding new tracks until you run out of space. A DVD writable disc is another matter; depending on the Burner and Software it is possible to modify a DVD. In most cases it is not, and when you cut a second tract on a DVD it often becomes a coaster.

It would seem that your best option is the plan you are working with at present using Rewritable Discs. Loading InCD when needed is a good strategy. Nero recently stated they have a fix (patch) for the problem that is plaguing their software when used in XP SP2. I don’t know if it fixes the problem or not, as Nero is on Microsoft’s “Applications that do Not Work List with XP SP2.”

You can check to see whether you have both packages installed by going to the Control Panel, opening Add or Remove Programs, scan down the Populated list and see if the Ulead software and\or driver is still installed. If not using the Software and\or Drivers you can uninstall. I am not sure of the consequence of uninstalling the Ulead driver and what effect it might have on Nero. If Ulead software is not listed it should not be a problem to be concerned about, unless you want to keep the software, in which case you will have to uninstall the Burner Drivers. In most cases that can be done by changing the Install configuration in Add or Remove Programs, by using the Change feature. Although it came with my Burner, I can’t give you the specifics here as I don’t have the Ulead Burner software or drivers installed. You can also do a File search for the Ulead file USIUDF.sys to see if it is till hanging around.

I now use Plextor Professional software for all of my Burning, minimal software, but enough for my purposes of Data Storage.

Yes, only Rewritable Discs are formatted, Writable are formatted on the fly while recording. Microsoft’s software will Burn to Writeable disc, not to Rewritable.


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Thanks so much for all your help. You obviously have lots of experience and knowledge in this area and I appreciate your taking the time to detail answers to my litany of questions and problems.

According to Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs, I have both InCD and Ulead Data-Add 2.0 installed. I assume Ulead Data-Add 2.0 provides the USIUDF driver.

I will play around with uninstalling the USIUDF driver (the install disk has an option to Remove).

With much appreciation,