Play specific chapters together?

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Play specific chapters together?

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I don't think this can be done directly in DVD Workshop but I thought I'd ask in case there's a workaround I don't know about.
Let's say I have one large title with about 30 chapters. In addition to being able to play the entire title from start to finish, I would also like to create a sub-menu that would have the option to play chapters 10, 13, 15-20 all in a row (skipping any chapters in between.)
The only way I know how to do this would be to use a video editor and create a separate title consisting of only these chapters. Am I correct, is this the only way to do this?
The reason I ask is I have a title that's already over 4GB so I don't want to create another separate title, but I would like to create the option to only play certain chapters together.
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Yes, I think it can be done. If you create a separate menu item.
Say for example, you root menu will have 3 options:
Play Full Movie.
Go to Chapters.
Play my selection.

In "Play My Selection" you will ceate a Play List with the parts you will like to play, by draging the chapters onto the playlist in order of sequence.