Error message when saving - Help Pls!

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Error message when saving - Help Pls!

Post by puremood »

I'm making some glitter names using the GIF animator... and upon saving them I get an error message that reads "Some of the image layers in your animation contain Local Palettes" - I choose to continue saving anyway vs. aborting the save.

My question is why am I getting this error and how can I fix it so I don't get this message?

The glitter names appear to turn out OK as they should except I do notice that sometimes they don't "twinkle" correctly... and thought it may be due to the above error?

If anyone can help - please do. Thanks.
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Post by bryave »

Can we have a sample of the animation of yours for us to see? :D
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Post by VikingAnimations »

Go to the Optimize tab of the workspace. Click "View, and click on Optimize Panel. Click on Local Palette tab of the box that pops up. You probably have a check mark in there for Preserve Local Palette.

The message you get isn't an error, just a "warning" of sorts. Using a local palette for each frame just means your file size will be larger than if you use a global palette (one palette for all frames).

If things don't twinkle right, change the frame properties of all frames to "Smart." In the optimization tab, set the colors to 256. Try that out...