Unspecified Error code: 8004138d

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Unspecified Error code: 8004138d

Post by mfullen »

I have received this code after 3 attempts to burn an iso of my project.
It occurs at 99% completion of the "Encoding Menu Images" at 4:23:45

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently I am going through and simplifying the menus with still images and no audio. Will let you know in 4 1/2 hours if this works.

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Post by DVDDoug »

Nobody knows (except Corel) what those error codes mean, but "Encoding Menu Images", probably means that it's having trouble with one or more of your still images. If you're using JPEGs, you might try converting the images to bitmaps (BMP).

You can also try eliminating the stills, and add them back one at a time to find the problem file(s).

Whenever you have a "major problem" like this, it usually has something to do with one of your source audio/video/still files.
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