Moderator withdrawal

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Moderator withdrawal

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Because of the sluggishness of the forum and Corel's unwillingness to do what is necessary to cure it, I have decided to no longer waste my time moderating this board, at least until the situation returns to normal.

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To keep our members informed:
Ron (Vidoman) Ken Berry and myself have continuously plagued Corel regarding the problems with the Web Board. Most of you will have received an email from Ron a few weeks ago regarding this.

We cannot afford to lose those dedicated members like Devil who give up countless hours of their own time as unpaid volunteers who attempt to help other member of this Web Board overcome problems and difficulties with theor Corel software.

I can only hope that Corel sit up and take notice that "Members of Staff" are losing patience and finding more productive use of their free time. Hopefully this will only be a temporary absence by Devil but if not then I am sure that the members of this Web Board Board would join me in thanking him for the dedication, time and effort that Devil has given this Web Board since it was first launched.