Using a zip file image (bitmap image and Ulead file)

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Using a zip file image (bitmap image and Ulead file)

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Here's the deal - zip file and within that file is a ulead cool production 3d file and a bitmap image - in this case a snowman ulead file and a separate texture file (bitmap image).

Now, loading the snowman 3d file - easy, but when that file is loaded into production 3d there is no option under 'texture' relating to the snowman image - the snowman is under at Group setting with a little blue dot to the left of it in the object manager winder - it appears to be just one object, versus any notation of the different elements that made up the entire object originally - that's probably why the texture option is not available at this level - anyway, how does one load the texture, bitmap image, that appears to go with this 3d production file?

In other words, I need to 'texture' the snowman with the bitmap image - I tried loading the texture image in the Lathe Object Editor (not real familiar with that process) and it loads but no option of OK is showing.....if that is the process, I'm missing a step or two.....

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I'm using C3D 3.5 not Production; however, it should be the same. Click on the EasyPalette and look for the option called Object Style. Select Texture and click on the icon I've circled below to add it to your object. Just be sure your object is active.


Hope this helps!
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