how I create 3d model?

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how I create 3d model?

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Its easy to create a 3d shape in cool 3d. But How I create a 3d human/animal model? also how i import wmf file?
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I've never used Cool3D PS to create complex animations/objects, so I'm at a loss as to providing help with this.

To import a WMF or EMF select File>Import Graphics and from the drop-down menu for type, select WMF.
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Cool3D is great for doing relatively simple logos/3d text. That's not to say that it can't do complex things.....but for what you're asking to do, I would highly suggest that you look to Blender. This is a highly regarded (and open-source, free!) software program; however, it will require some dedicated time to learn. But there are, I'm sure, many tutorials and groupd dedicated to helping folks like you learn.

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