does dvd workshop support smart rendering? and more

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does dvd workshop support smart rendering? and more

Post by perfection »

I am using the trial version of DVD workshop and would like to know whther this program supports smart rendering of DVD compliant files (esp those made with VS 11). ow do i know this or know the extent of smart rendering?

Are there more templates available for download somewhere?

What are the limitations of the trial version (better to know before i think there are 'bugs' in the program

Would you say this program complements VS 11 (which i already own)?
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Post by skier-hughes »

Workshop is an excellent programme, but it is;
1. quite out of date
2. nearly obselete

I use it constantly and just wish it would be brought up to date.

If you set your project settings to those of your files then no further rendering will take place, there is a tick box to say do not convert compliant files.

No real bugs in the trial, apart from maybe a slight burn problem, which was sorted by a fix which you cannot install on trials.

WS in it's day was far superior to most authoring apps, it still beats VS hands down, but saying that, there are now more superior programmes, but it depends on what you are comparing. WS was a professional level app and would be expensive now. Corel I don't think are supplying the product anymore, so I'm not sure what you'd do after trialing?

If you want an app this good, then I'd suggest looking at dvdlabs pro or sonic scenarist
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smart rendering

Post by deklerkt »

Smart rendering works, provided:

- all elements were processed using the same mpeg2 encoder
- all elements have bitrates lower than the project setting (otherwise they are "downscaled" to these, i.e. rendered)
- all are interlaced (progressive is rendered)
- all are in PAL or NTSC (the wrong ones are converted to project template)
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Post by Devil »

Even better, the video and audio are smart-rendered independently. I.e. if you have compliant video and you wish to change the audio from, say, MPEG to DD, you can do so just rendering the audio to the new format.

It does not matter whether your project settings are higher or lower, if the input is DVD-compatible, it will not re-render unless forced to by checking the box.

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